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Baion is the main antagoinst of Solatorobo: Red the Hunter. He is the last surviving inhabitant of the original Earth. As a leader of the Hybirds, Baion was pre-mature weakend and started an Operation CODA from Juno citizens.

Solatorobo baionTVT 3953
Artwork by Nobuteru Yuuki








Deceased (Vaporized inside the Tartatos)

Voice Actor:

Tomohiro Tsuboi (Japanese)

Early LifeEdit

Baion was created for an unknown project. He was put to sleep inside a pod and awoke several years later, when some miners discovered him and his pod malfunctioned. Several years before the start of the game, Baion was the man responsible for destroying Elh and Beluga's village, Ragdoll. He burned everything and everybody that the paladins loved as stated when he confronted Red, Beluga and Elh.

Some 9 years before the game, Baion worked with Merveille Million and created three Hybrids: Blanck, Nero and Red (who was the only one who could Trance). Baion stated that Red was officialy a failure and ordered him to be destroyed. However, when Merveille allowed Red to escape, this made Baion furious. He eventually betrayed her, and countinued his own plan to bring forth Tartaros and activate CODA.


Baion is portrayed as a middle-aged man with dark cyan hair and a full beard. He wears orange sunglasses and wears an outfit that resembles those worn by Juno citizens.


Baion is portrayed as arrogant even more malicious than Bruno. He has the ambition to rule the world and try to reset the earth from RE-CODA Button. Baion knows very little about Merveille, with whom of which he had worked with to create the three hybrids, he showed this when Red tells him about Her. However, Baion changed his course at the very end of the game when Red told him how he was cared for and how Baion too could be cared for.


After Red and his friends spoke with Yurlungur, the three head down to the terminal room of Uzu tower where they finally confront him. With this, Baion reveals to Elh and Béluga that he's the man responsible for the destruction of their village. But he, Nero and Black flee the scene afterwards, having downloaded the data to initiate CODA.

Baion finally started his plan, summoning a gigantic spherical entity named Tartatos. He's planning to use it to initiate CODA to lower the continents back to Earth. Lowering the continents would kill each and every one of the citizens of the islands though, because it must pass through the giant plasma sea underneath the shepherd republic, essentially starting the world off anew.

Baion then appears on top of Pharaoh, brainwashing Red with the Order to kill Nero and Blanck. He then attempts to kill Elh. However, Red manage to break his control over him.

Barion then appears as an Hologram inside Lemures.

Since afterwards, Baion enters inside Tartaros. As Red made his way inside, he shows him all holographics of how the world was and mocks Humanity and the entire world, including Red, as being failures to his eyes. The final showdown then began. He attack with the core of the Juno, which has godly-jelly-like features, but Red managed to get inside Tartatus Core. Baion then tried to kill him with his own robot, but Red manage to defeat him, despite having the Dahak reverted to his original appearance.

After being defeated, Baion still stated that the people of the world could destroy it one day. But Red managed to convince him otherwise. Baion then admits he has lost, and open the acces to Tartaros's true core, allowing Red to successfully enters RE-CODA.

Baion soon vanishes along with Tartaros. His real fate is unknown, althrough it is very implied that he died.

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